Can non-patent people understand patents? Some say yes and some say no. I say – they must.

Patents are a very important business tool and not cheap either. The patent field is also very complicated. I suspect this is one of the reasons that I see many patent owners abdicate their decision making to patent attorneys. These attorneys may be very smart and experienced, but do they really understand the business as well as the patent owner?

My goal is to help educate patent owners (focusing on start up companies with small or modest patent portfolios). My intention is to bring up concepts, issues and dilemmas that I feel should be of interest to decision makers. I succeed if patent owners are able to leverage their patents to greater effect or at least develop the nose to sniff out patent related issues in their companies. At least i would like patent owners to develop a feeling for the trade-offs involved.

While I talk about “patents”, many of the posts relate to patent applications and some also relate to other types of intellectual property.

If you do not find a post to be fun, informative and useful, feel free to contact me at contact@patentbites.com.

Who am I? My name is Maier Fenster and I am the head of the medical device department at Ehrlich & Fenster, a top-notch and full-service patent firm located in Israel.

The comics are by my daughter, Smadar, whose talent has been upgrading my presentations for many years.